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The Synergy Formula, 1+1=3, energizes the people in your business to effectively work as a high-performance team. We are experts at getting an entire organization to “play from the same sheet of music.” Our formula improves communication, builds trust, and empowers individuals with a sense of purpose. We motivate everyone into taking greater responsibility and accountability for their jobs. When employees have a say in the things that affect them, they willingly give their best efforts and produce more, reduce costs, and ultimately “WOW” customers.

Synergy workshops and seminars build relationship trust and break through walls of negativity and resistance, thus allowing for the essential pieces for collaboration between management and employees to strengthen. The essential pieces of collaboration are vision ownership; core values; teamwork; “WOW” factor goals; and a clearly defined, shared destiny. When the motivational puzzle snaps together, a greater sense of belonging and a culture of emotional security is formed, resulting in a strong foundation for high-performance teamwork.

A major benefit within the Synergy Formula is our experience and ability to instantly tap into and direct the human energy source of a business. We have proven in company after company and industry after industry that harnessing human potential and energy, and directing it toward a shared destiny, multiplies the potential for success. We know how to create unstoppable, unflappable, and unshakable zones of inspiration, and secure highly profitable businesses. We focus on building shared responsibility, strong relationships, shared values, shared goals, and collective spiritual agreements—all sources of inspiration and energy. The outcome? The greatest competitive advantage a business can possess: A team of professionals committed to “WOWing” customers.

Synergy employs unique experiential training methods and measurement instruments to achieve people-centered change at all levels of an organization. Through our seminars, retreats, workshops and implementation tools we cost-effectively build job enrichment, high-performance teamwork, and profitable work environments. Working with senior executives and operational staff at all levels, transformation happens quickly and is embedded in the organizational culture.

“The 5 Essential Pieces in our Synergy program will build a high-performance team culture, internal customer respect and a sense of belonging which results in a high level of quality, teamwork, and pride of company. Use the essential pieces together or independently for customized solutions.”

5 Most Requested Workshops:

Synergy Provides Training on the following topics:

Synergy Team Power

This book is for all employees-from entry level all the way up to the executive suite-who are looking for a way to create a meaningful workplace that delivers continuous job satisfaction. It demonstrates that adopting the value of teamwork and service, along with the importance of treating fellow workers with courtesy and respect-as one does with a customer-makes all the difference.

Synergy Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an easy-to-implement, powerful 4-step process that demonstrates how to achieve extraordinary success through high-performance teams focused on a shared destiny. Synergy Strategic Planning focuses on integrating people, systems, and structure, thus directing them toward a predetermined, worthwhile vision–a clear set of believable and livable values–and Transformational, Exciting, Authentic, Measurable (TEAM) goals.

Synergy ``WOW`` Factor!

In this high energy, engaging and informative presentation, you will learn powerful keys to release your personal ``WOW`` Factor and all the secrets to getting rave reviews from customers, praise from competitors and applause from co-workers.

Joy in the Workplace

Joy is the euphoric feeling we experience when our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in complete harmony with our purpose. When we live with purpose and passion and make work fun, we create zones of inspiration. When we are inspired, we are open to the strengths and potential greatness in others and Synergy is inevitable.


Synergy Leadership

Synergistic leaders are the motivators and communicators of the vision, values and goals, initiating communication and building relationship trust. It is their responsibility to coach, counsel and mentor individuals through the process of organizational change. They build high-performance teamwork through daily practical behavioral application. From the CEO to the front-line manager, the integrity of the entire business depends upon whether the executive team practices good leadership principles and become the examples and catalysts for positive change.

Synergy Sales Power

Synergy Sales Power focuses on the importance of building long term, quality relationships with customers. As a part of the Synergy process, Sales Power focuses on building a solid reputation of trust by assisting the customer in establishing his/her true needs and wants. Synergy focuses on relationship selling and building customers for life. Relationships are formed between people before contracts are signed.

Why Choose Synergy?
Make Synergy a Part of Your Team and “Triple Win”

Our unique team building formula developed over 25 years of organizational development and business building consulting and training, has achieved extraordinary success in boosting sales, increasing productivity and WOWing customers, year after year in company after company and industry after industry.




Win #1 – Customer Benefit:

• Empowered team players who exceed customer expectations
• Team players with great attitudes who genuinely want to serve
• Team players that can be trusted to be reliable and responsible
• Team players who value loyal and lasting business relationships
• World-class customer care

Win #2 – Company Benefits: 

• Builds high-performance teamwork
• Reduces costs and increases profits
• Builds pride and World-class work ethic
• Builds self-managed, motivated go-getters
• Builds a customer-driven culture and lasting loyalty
• Builds World-class customer care

Win #3 – Team Benefits:

• Builds emotionally secure work environments
• Builds empowerment and job satisfaction
• Builds confidence, a sense of belonging and a sense of purpose
• Creates enjoyable, stimulating and fun work environments
• Enhances motivation and responsibility

More Specifically . . . “How We Can Help You!”

We offer you a powerful combination of World-class business building expertise and Executive development programs to help you successfully build high-performance teams that Exceed Customer Expectations.

Through our Retreats, Ongoing Workshops and Executive Coaching, we deliver sound training practically applied to achieve highly profitable synergistic work environments. Retreats and workshops range from senior executive teams requiring confidential strategic planning to complete cultural change programs, to large national and international conventions.

Each retreat and ongoing workshop is stimulating, engaging, informative and fun. Our Enter-train-ment™ activities, projects, and business games convert stressed out employees into high energy teams of focused go-getters. In each workshop, we demonstrate how to build trust and work together to find new solutions to solve everyday problems. We create a paradigm shift in thinking from negative to positive and from weakness to strength. When you focus on the strengths of each individual in the team, you build trust and respect.

As trust improves and fear subsides, communication and collaboration escalates, and relationships become more synergistic – strengthening and unifying creativity, energy, problem solving and accountability within every facet of your business. It’s as if there’s magic in the air!

We are continuously improving the content, design, and delivery of our programs by researching cutting edge training and business building methods and theories that you can apply today. Individual Synergy programs include complete workbooks, motivational take-aways and support materials that will extend your team’s Synergy experience long after the actual event. We will Synergize with you to plan, organize, and successfully implement all training and processes required to achieve your goals.

At Synergy, we strive to be the example of our philosophy: a product of our product. We believe our customers are the most important people in our business and we go to great lengths to live up to our core values.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”           – Andrew Carnegie

“Triple Win”:
The Customer Wins; the Company Wins and the Team Wins . . . in that Order