One the most challenging problems the top manufacturing companies faced and conquered, is the lack of leadership ability to influence, inspire and create company-wide ownership to the principles of quality, starting with the Executive Suite. This problem is applicable to all Quality Managers!

In these two powerful, content filled and interactive workshops, you will learn how to overcome and implement what has taken the world’s top companies decades to perfect. In all top manufacturing companies in the world, quality is considered a powerful financial strategy and embraced at every level of the organization. In these two unique workshops learn what happened to Toyota, Kodak, The Challenger, Honda and how to avoid the mistakes they made.

By attending the two part workshop series, you will learn how to:

 Apply the 10 World’s greatest Leadership Principles

Roadmap Oct 7
 Influence, inspire and create company-wide ownership
 Build and focus your team on common goals
 Coach, counsel and close the skills gap
 Avoid the mistakes made by Toyota, Kodak, etc.

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