The Courage to Trust: 
Do you want to do business with somebody you don’t trust? Would you want a relationship with someone you don’t trust? Of course, you don’t! Trust is the foundation for all good personal and work relationships. It satisfies an emotional appetite for true connection and unity, and it begins by trusting yourself first. When you trust yourself, it’s easier to trust others. It takes courage to know who you are, to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, and still see the value of your contribution to yourself, others, and life.


20 Ways to Build Trust

• Trust begins with you.
• Be competent in your work.
• Be reliable.
• Be responsive.
• Be accountable.
• Be honest.
• Be loyal.
• Be transparent.
• Give sincere compliments, not false flattery.
• Be authentic.
• Admit your mistakes.
• Stand up for what’s right.
• Be respectful.
• Be fair to all.
• Be open-minded.
• Listen.
• Don’t gossip.
• Be hardworking.
• Be cooperative.
• Communicate consistently, avoid closed doors, and secretive agendas.

When we are both trustworthy, we help each other achieve our highest potential, resulting in zones of inspiration and profitable work environments!

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