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Have you ever said:

“WOW! I just love the way they took care of that problem.”
or “WOW! They were so professional, I would go back in a heartbeat.”

We all have products, companies and people we love to do business with. When we experience the magic of “The ‘WOW‘ Factor”, we want to repeat it over and over. It’s flattering, it’s attractive and we want more of it. Chris Alexander will help you bring “The ‘WOW‘ Factor” into your business and into your life by learning how to make deliberate authentic choices to power up your charisma.

Can You See Yourself Creating a Great Impression Every Time You Take Care of a Customer?

Imagine What it Would Feel Like to Receive Rave Reviews from Customers; Praise from Your Managers and Applause from Your Co-workers.

Be Respected, Be Valued, Be Trusted.

It’s a proven fact that employees tend to treat customers as they themselves are treated by the company. Bad service and bad attitudes are merely a reflection of an outdated and unaware management style. Synergy is an “inside-to-out” philosophy. It is paramount that frontline customer service representatives, salespersons, receptionists, service teams, and anyone else who has contact with customers, be empowered to solve problems immediately Attention to detail is vital. Trust and loyalty are reinforced when customers are taken care of in an effective, efficient, and friendly manner.

The “WOW” Factor! workshop topics:

  • The customer is the most important person in the business
  • Developing a reputation of reliability
  • First impressions count
  • Communication is key
  • Learning to be proactive
  • Believe in your company
  • Being a customer service professional
  • How to be an expert problem solver
  • Teamwork Is the secret
  • Keep promises made to the customer
  • The 7 strategies for successfully solving customer complaints
  • Be a good internal customer
  • Tell others about your company

``Learn Tried, True and Tested World-Class Techniques and Skills that will Earn Customer Love and Loyalty!``

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In this Extraordinary Presentation You Will Learn How To:

  • Give and Receive “WOW” Experiences
  • Build Love and Loyalty
  • Become World Class
  • Exceed Customer Expectations
  • Earn Respect and Appreciation
  • Build Your Charisma

The “WOW” Factor! begins with treating everyone you work with as your customer. It incorporates the Golden Rule, “Treat others as you would like to be treated.” Therefore, customer service is a worthy business core value, as well as an important personal one. Employees tend to treat customers as they are treated by the company. Bad service and bad attitudes are merely reflections of the way people have become accustomed to treating one another.

Synergy works from the “inside out” and it’s paramount that everyone in every department understands the principle of service. Service from the internal to the external drives the financial engine of a business. Good service increases revenue, lowers costs and reduces staff attrition. Everyone should be service minded and empowered to solve problems immediately and directly. The senior executives, managers, service representatives, sales people and receptionists need to be committed to service. Trust and loyalty are reinforced when all customers are taken care of in an effective, efficient and friendly manner.

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