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Synergy Team Power

Our world renowned Synergy Team Power Retreat is a powerful attitude, motivation and communication interactive learning experience. This retreat is designed to build a foundation for successful change and is effective for setting the stage for culture change, product launches, sales rallies and motivational team-building programs.

The Synergy Team Power Retreat actively engages participants by enhancing interpersonal communication, creativity and team spirit.

Teams go through a series of indoor and outdoor experiential – learning by doing – exercises and games that tap into individual strengths and contributions to the team. All group dynamic exercises and games are carefully selected to suit your individual company goals and objectives.

The Synergy Team Power Retreat can be held at almost any location: conference centers, resorts, clubs, schools, parks or on-site training facilities.

The Synergy Team Power Retreat sample overview:

  • The Power of Synergy

  • The S.B.M. (Interpersonal Communication Model)

  • The Synergy Letter Game

  • The Synergy Red and Green Trading Game

  • What Am I Taking Home

  • The Goal Setting Exercise

Synergy Team Power Retreats and Workshops can be held at almost any location: conference centers, resorts, clubs, schools, parks, or
on-site training facilities

We will customize a team building workshop to suit your unique needs.
Over 200 games, projects and case studies to choose from.

Synergy Team Power example:

  • The Power of Synergy
    • The goal of Synergy is the compounded value achieved from working together toward a shared 12764741_1582274338764894_7979011070786282016_odestiny. The foundation of Synergy is relationship trust and the essence of Synergy is the inspiring shared experience
  • The 5 Success Habits of High-Performance Business Teams
    • Building Trust
    • Right Mental Attitude (R.M.A)
    • Make It Fun!
    • Be a “First-Giver”
    • Be a Synergist
  • The S.B.M. (Interpersonal Communication Model)
    • In the Synergy Behavior Matrix, we teach teams that there are four interpersonal communication styles: the Director, the Evaluator, the Harmonizer, and the Initiator. more
  • The Synergy Letter Game
    • A physical high energy game perfect for your meeting.  This game is designed to send clear messages which communicate the importance of working together to achieve goals. It also demonstrates the importance of buying into new ideas and concepts and working on communication, planning, and execution.
  • The Synergy Red and Green Trading Game
    • This is a very intense, enjoyable game, which is based on the paradigms that people use in organizations. More specifically, we develop our own perspective and unwritten rules “the way we do things . . .,” mostly we take our rules and our ways for granted, and do not question them. This can be a very limiting factor in organizational team work and communication.
      The message in this game demonstrates the need to work on a principle of triple win: when the individual wins so, too, does the team and the company. This game will change the most ardent cynic into a positive contributor. Successful communication is vastly accelerated by changing mindsets and old habits through self-discovery.
  • What Am I Taking Home
    • An interactive “AHA!” change management conversation.
  • Setting Goals for Implementation
    • This segment is an attitudinal and goal motivation workshop. Setting goals and achieving a sense of purpose is paramount to the success of any team. This is a powerful motivational and memorable finale that brings it all together in an up lifting and moving way.

Duration: Half day; one- and two-day formats

 In a recent survey of 125 companies in 34 industries, “team player” was rated as the #1 workplace value.
Teamwork is one of the most important work traits we can employ to create extraordinary success.

“Give Your Employees a Relationship That Is More Than Just a Paycheck”

The Synergy Behavior Matrix – Individual and Team Interactive Behavior Matrix

“Oh, would some power the gift give us, to see
ourselves as others see us.” – Robert Burns

StylesIn the Synergy Behavior Matrix seminars, we teach teams that there are four basic styles of behavior; the Director, the Evaluator, the Harmonizer, and the Initiator.

The Director is an individual who likes to direct, control, organize, set goals, and is very task oriented.
The Evaluator is an individual who likes to analyze, nitpick, work things out, weigh things, and think things over.The Harmonizer is a very social, outgoing, friendly, and gregarious individual, who is low on assertiveness.
The Initiator is an outgoing, fun, lively, and assertive individual.

Different styles approach problems differently, communicate differently, and interpret things in unique ways. You want a variety of styles in the workplace, because different styles add different perspectives, and bring their special talents to the table–the perfect way to a synergized workplace! But differences in styles also cause conflict and, a good team player should be prepared to minimize conflict while making the most of everything a team has to contribute.

The Synergy Behavior Matrix will assist individuals become a high-performance team, making it easier to find new alternatives and solutions to everyday problems. It will create broad based win/win relationships, break down the negative “them/us” syndrome, and move everyone toward a common goal.

As an example:
An Evaluator needs to know how to deal with an Initiator, which are opposite styles.
A Director needs to know how to get along with Harmonizers, which are opposite styles.

In order to build better work relationships, we need to know how to get on with all the other behavior styles.
Focusing on synergy and respect for others helps smooth out conflict and interpersonal differences.

“Synergy in communication happens when two people actively work on first understanding each other’s point of view.”

Synergy Team Power Credo

Synergy is a force multiplier that elevates morale, quality workmanship, and a sense of pride in accomplishment. It turns people around from fear motivation to desire motivation.

Synergy is optimistic and strives for excellence as a natural consequence of its meaning. It promotes unity, covers up triviality, and builds bridges instead of walls.

Synergy creates a sense of belonging and existentialism, which are the seeds of personal security. It devastates greed and eliminates destructive ego and introduces learning.

Synergy powers up innovation and stifles bureaucracy, and makes everyone say “us” instead of “us and them.” Triple-win becomes a way of life where: the customer wins, the company wins, and the team wins . . . in that order.

Every goal, every function, and every success within an organization is much more gratifying and easily achieved . . . when there’s Synergy. People multiply success when communicating and cooperating with one another . . . that’s Synergy.

It is a force that can work for you . . . if you’ll let it!