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Do you want to sell like a “Super Star” regardless of the economy or competition?

Do you want to close faster and have your buyers send you referrals?

If you are hungry for answers and you are motivated and willing to apply yourself and do what it takes to reach the top 2% of sales champions – then this is the seminar for you.

The Synergy Sales Power workshops focus on state of the art principles and techniques that will effectively close more sales and build a larger base of loyal clients.

Synergy Sales Power workshops are focused on relationship/consultative solution based selling. As your team goes through each workshop they will discover the art of building trust quickly by portraying a confident knowledgeable presence and focusing all their attention on solutions to their customers’ needs or problems..

Your sales team will be taught how to build a Synergy Bridge of Trust through visible integrity based behaviors. They will also learn the skill of patient open ended questions and discover the customers’ true desires. Once the Dominant Buying Motive has been established they will then apply the skill of matching desires with your companies solutions or products; hence making the purchase process an exciting problem solving and enjoyable experience; one which is easily and thoroughly repeatable

Synergy Sales Power has been used by numerous organizations with outstanding success. It has many generic concepts that apply to all businesses; however, we customize each program to ensure that your sales team will clearly identify with the skills taught.

As with all Synergy programs our instructional design is world-class incorporating group dynamic experiential learning projects a memorable takeaway learned principles.

Yung Sales Power

Close More Sales Today with the Eight Synergy Sales Power Steps

Learn how to:

  • Build your confidence and vision of success
  • Build trust quickly
  • Qualify true needs and wants
  • Actively Listen for the dominant buying motives
  • Present irresistible power solutions
  • Build value and overcome objections
  • Power Close without pressure
  • Build a bank of referrals


Yung Sales Power

Improving Sales Teams for Over 30 Years!

Yung Sales Power

By Synergizing with your customer, you are able to build  highly profitable,
triple win relationships

Yung Sales Power

“Nothing happen until you sell something”

Yung Sales Power