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“Outstanding!” “Impressive!”, “Inspiring!” and “World Class!”

Because of Chris Alexander’s books, powerful messages and engaging humorous teaching gift, businesses, and organizations throughout the world invite him to speak and coach their Executives and business teams. Executives from client companies such as: Mercedes Benz, Barratt American, Interior Specialists, Inc. and Johnson & Johnson say that it is Alexander’s 25 years of real world business experience, examples, and results that have struck a chord and won him acclaim.

Chris Alexander is an example of the American dream; he was born in a small country in the middle of Africa, then called Rhodesia and now re-named Zimbabwe. He emigrated from Africa to the USA 25 years ago and has since published seven books – “Catch the Wind with Your Wings”, “Creating Extraordinary Joy”, “Joy in the Workplace”, “Synergizing Your Business”, “Synergy Strategic Planning”, “Synergy “WOW” Factor!” and “Synergy Team Power”. He has also authored many extremely successful business CD’s and DVD’s to support his training programs. Recently, he was honored with the “People Helping People” Award.

Along with a team of educational specialists, Alexander also won the prestigious Los Angeles Area Emmy Award for Overall Excellence in Business Education for the Coast Telecourse, Dollar$ and Sense: Personal Finance for the 21st Century. Alexander’s largest audience has been his two PBS TV shows, titled “Creating Extraordinary Joy” and “Joy in the Workplace” reaching 4,500,000 people with each broadcast.

Alexander’s stories, anecdotes, international flavor and fresh feet-on-the-ground examples will “WOW” your audiences . . . and like so many Fortune 500 companies, you will want him to come back – again and again

What Executives are Saying About Chris Alexander

“Chris Alexander is the best speaker my sales team and I have ever seen. We loved his “WOW” Factor presentation, we want more.” – Nicolina Cuzzero, Meritage Homes

“Chris Alexander has an incredible teaching gift – he really knows how to hold an audience in the palm of his hand.” – Professor Richard Cheshire, Organizational Leadership, Chapman University.

“Thank you for the great training on Saturday. Being the Evaluator that I am, please send me more literature on the tapes that you sell. Thank you very much, you were great!” – John Burns, Waxie

“The highlight of my trip to Long Beach was hearing you speak. Of course, I was already impressed, but I left with an even higher vision – please come and speak to my team in Florida.” – Kitty Victor

Let Alexander customize a World-Class Presentation for your next event!


Synergy “WOW” Factor!
Synergy World-Class Leadership
Synergy Team Power
Catch the Wind with Your Wings
Synergy Strategic Planning
Synergy Sales Power
Duration: 45 to 90 minutes

Synergy “WOW” Factor!
Synergy World-Class Leadership
Synergy Strategic Planning
Synergy Team Power
Synergy Sales Power
Duration: 2 to 4 hours

Perfect for:
Convention Keynotes
Conference Keynotes & Workshops
Motivational & Sales Meetings
Executive and Leadership Retreats
Professional Business Meetings
Incentive & Award Programs
Team Building Programs
Customer Service Retreats

Chris speaks on the following critical areas:

Synergy Team Power

This book is for all employees-from entry level all the way up to the executive suite-who are looking for a way to create a meaningful workplace that delivers continuous job satisfaction. It demonstrates that adopting the value of teamwork and service, along with the importance of treating fellow workers with courtesy and respect-as one does with a customer-makes all the difference.

Synergy Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning is an easy-to-implement, powerful 4-step process that demonstrates how to achieve extraordinary success through high-performance teams focused on a shared destiny. Synergy Strategic Planning focuses on integrating people, systems, and structure, thus directing them toward a predetermined, worthwhile vision–a clear set of believable and livable values–and Transformational, Exciting, Authentic, Measurable (TEAM) goals.

Synergy ``WOW`` Factor!

In this high energy, engaging and informative presentation, you will learn powerful keys to release your personal ``WOW`` Factor and all the secrets to getting rave reviews from customers, praise from competitors and applause from co-workers.

Joy in the Workplace

Joy is the euphoric feeling we experience when our thoughts, feelings, and actions are in complete harmony with our purpose. When we live with purpose and passion and make work fun, we create zones of inspiration. When we are inspired, we are open to the strengths and potential greatness in others and Synergy is inevitable.

Synergy Leadership

Synergistic leaders are the motivators and communicators of the vision, values and goals, initiating communication and building relationship trust. It is their responsibility to coach, counsel and mentor individuals through the process of organizational change. They build high-performance teamwork through daily practical behavioral application.

Synergy Sales Power

Synergy Sales Power focuses on the importance of building long term, quality relationships with customers. As a part of the Synergy process, Sales Power focuses on building a solid reputation of trust by assisting the customer in establishing his/her true needs and wants. Synergy focuses on relationship selling and building customers for life. Relationships are formed between people before contracts are signed.