“If you don’t manage change, change will manage you”

7 Highly Effective Leadership Skills that will Synergize your Team

  1. Cultural differences are shared and embraced.
  2. Be very aware of personal space, volume of the voice or physical size to avoid insult and intimidation. You don’t want to motivate by fear.
  3. Listening is critical. The old adage is you have 2 ears, 1 mouth consequently you should listen twice as often as you speak. Slow down to be understood.
  4. Discuss the work at hand; do not focus on culture or gender.
  5. Be professional. Be respectful and courteous.
  6. Invite opinions. It promotes respect and empowerment.
  7. Team Members are your internal customers, treat them as such.

In a nutshell: Be responsible for the impact of your behavior on others, ensure ‘we’ replace ‘me’. An approachable attitude, along with a relaxed conversational tone, is generally all that is needed to build a bridge to higher employee engagement.

Synergy Team Power-The 5 Success Habits of High-Performance Business Teams, is jam packed with skills, ideas and practical methods that show how to transition from an organization motivated by fear to a synergistic, empowered High-Performing Team. Through practicing the 5 Success Habits, teams realize that their success and the business success depends upon collaboration and understanding. eg: An engaged Engineering team will impact cost which impacts Accounting; which impacts Production; which impacts Customer Satisfaction. While Team Members have certain functional responsibilities and goals, the overall mindsets and behaviors are “we-are-all-in this-together”.

Individual departments with tightly restrictive managers who motivate by fear prevent businesses from moving forward and are fading fast. Organizations such as Mercedes Benz and Nature’s Bounty depend upon Chris Alexander to build high-performing teams by fostering the spirit of Synergy at every level of the organization.

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