Fun is Serious Business!

Fun is Serious Business! The latest studies have shown that employees who have fun at work, have higher productivity, less absenteeism, better teamwork and customer service ratings. It makes people care for one another because it allows people to laugh and be vulnerable and enriches life at work. Fun means choosing to make work enjoyable [...]

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The Courage to Trust

The Courage to Trust:  Do you want to do business with somebody you don't trust? Would you want a relationship with someone you don't trust? Of course, you don't! Trust is the foundation for all good personal and work relationships. It satisfies an emotional appetite for true connection and unity, and it begins by trusting [...]

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The Roadmap Workshop: 10 Leadership Principles from the World’s Greatest Manufacturers

One the most challenging problems the top manufacturing companies faced and conquered, is the lack of leadership ability to influence, inspire and create company-wide ownership to the principles of quality, starting with the Executive Suite. This problem is applicable to all Quality Managers! In these two powerful, content filled and interactive workshops, you will learn how to overcome and [...]

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“If you don’t manage change, change will manage you”

“If you don't manage change, change will manage you” 7 Highly Effective Leadership Skills that will Synergize your Team Cultural differences are shared and embraced. Be very aware of personal space, volume of the voice or physical size to avoid insult and intimidation. You don't want to motivate by fear. Listening is critical. The old [...]

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Do you need more TIME?

Do you need more TIME? How can we give you more Time? Our on-site leadership and team-building workshops will save you TIME by reducing conflict and absenteeism and elevating trust, accuracy of communication, speed of problem-solving, quality, safety, and decision-making. We build self-managed, accountable, responsible, engaged high-performance business teams focused on superior results. Our Synergy [...]

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Training and the Bodybuilder

Training and the Bodybuilder A bodybuilder recently searched for a dog leash. After he examined it he asked, "Is this leash strong?" The Clerk grinned and said, "Are you?" He smiled back with a surprising, "Sometimes." All teams have strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing areas of concern is difficult since organizations are often overwhelmed and too [...]

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Captain WOW! and The Buy Out

Captain WOW! and The Buy Out by Chris Alexander and Mary Mcnulty One of the most trying situations for Captain WOW! is when an organization has been acquired. Many people have spent their entire career with the company and view this separation like a divorce. Captain WOW! was called upon when a company in Irvine [...]

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To lead means to walk out and show the way

Synergy Team Power The 5 Success Habits of High-Performance Business Teams Chris Alexander There is a large difference between a manager and a leader. Many organizations know how to manage. It’s always been done this way. As a manager, I tell you what to do. You either successfully complete the task or get fired. The leader [...]

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