by Chris Alexander and Mary Mcnulty

When promises are left unfulfilled, The Reactive 3 R’s manifest. That is when Captain WOW! and The Triple A Team jump into action. The war is won when the Reactive 3R’s are banished from an organization. There will be battles lost but ultimately proactive Captain WOW! will be victorious!

Every Superhero has a number of enemies waiting to take them down. Captain WOW! and the Triple-A Team is no exception. As Champions for proactive thinkers who WOW customers; the Team is called upon to battle the Reactive 3 R’s-Resentment, Resistance, and Revenge.

Resentment – When Expectations Are Not Met
Captain WOW! and The Triple A Team have proactive attitudes even with the most difficult customers. Unlike the Reactive 3R’s they have several ideas to prevent resentment. They adapt, not react!

Resistance – It’s Up to Captain WOW! To Defeat It!
It is the responsibility of Captain WOW! and The Triple A Team to combat fear of change. Captain WOW! does not dictate; instead, he leads by explanation and example. It’s amazing how understanding breaks down excess negative attitude.

Revenge – The Absolutely Worst Emotional Response
Unfortunately, when conflicts are unresolved and expectations are unsatisfied, the outcome is revenge. Such an attitude cannot be allowed to permeate the organization or external customers will light up social media in a negative manner.
The Reactive 3 R’s-Resentment, Resistance, and Revenge cannot exist in a successful business. Captain WOW! and The Triple A Team is there to ensure The Reactive 3R’s are replaced with The Triple-A Team-Awareness, Attitude, Action.

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