Captain WOW! and The Buy Out

by Chris Alexander and Mary Mcnulty

One of the most trying situations for Captain WOW! is when an organization has been acquired. Many people have spent their entire career with the company and view this separation like a divorce.

Captain WOW! was called upon when a company in Irvine was purchased. A small division of a large multinational, the employees worked with a respected corporation and were treated well. Then the buyout occurred. The relationship with the new corporate was one of management, not of leadership. The voice from above was loud and clear . . . do it or leave.

Within months the management ranks were decimated. Anniversaries once celebrated were now completely ignored. The attitude went from one of cooperation to one of “I just don’t care.”

What could Captain WOW! do? Attempting to reason with managers who understood only the bottom line is difficult but Captain WOW! has handled thousands of cases like this before! He had to convince the GM that happy employees meant improved productivity. He went back to his office and rummaged through stacks of business articles and found one in the Harvard Business Review, “The More You Energize Your Coworkers, the Better Everyone Performs.” Simply stated, happy people want to do more. Captain WOW! convinced the iron-fisted manager to give the employee focused approach a try.

Later Captain WOW! returned and noticed a new sense of cooperation; people were actually communicating. This was another Captain WOW! success story. In speaking with the General Manager he noticed he was at ease and more focused.

As Bob Dylan stated, “The Times They Are A Changin’.”

Corporations have come to the realization that respect must be shown for both the internal and external customer in order to succeed.

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