Do you need more TIME?

How can we give you more Time?

Our on-site leadership and team-building workshops will save you TIME by
reducing conflict and absenteeism and elevating trust, accuracy of communication,
speed of problem-solving, quality, safety, and decision-making.

We build self-managed, accountable, responsible,
engaged high-performance business teams focused on superior results.

Our Synergy Formula, 1+1=3, energizes the people in your business to effectively work as a high-performance team. We are experts at getting an entire organization to “play from the same sheet of music.” Our formula improves communication, builds trust, and empowers individuals with a sense of purpose. We motivate everyone into taking greater responsibility and accountability for their jobs. When employees have a say in the things that affect them, they willingly give their best efforts and produce more, reduce costs, and ultimately “WOW” customers.

A major benefit within the Synergy Formula is our experience and ability to instantly tap into and direct the human energy source of a business. We have proven in company after company and industry after industry that harnessing human potential and energy, and directing it toward a shared destiny, multiplies the potential for success. We know how to create unstoppable, unflappable, and unshakable zones of inspiration, and secure highly profitable businesses. We focus on building shared responsibility, strong relationships, shared values, shared goals, and collective spiritual agreements—all sources of inspiration and energy. The outcome? The greatest competitive advantage a business can possess: A team of professionals committed to “WOWing” customers.

Synergy employs unique experiential training methods and measurement instruments to achieve people-centered change at all levels of an organization. Through our seminars, retreats, workshops, and implementation tools we cost-effectively build job enrichment, high-performance teamwork, and profitable work environments. Working with senior executives and operational staff at all levels, transformation happens quickly and is embedded in the organizational culture.

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All training is conducted in English and Spanish
Todo entrenamiento es conducido en Ingles y Espanol


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