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World Renowned Business Building Seminars, Workshops, Retreats, and Culture Change Programs

The Synergy Formula,  1+1=3, energizes the people in your business to effectively work as a high-performance team. We are experts at getting an entire organization to “play from the same sheet of music.” Our formula improves communication, builds trust, and empowers individuals with a sense of purpose. We motivate everyone into taking greater responsibility and accountability for their jobs. When employees have a say in the things that affect them, they willingly give their best efforts and produce more, reduce costs, and ultimately “WOW” customers.

Our Team is fully dedicated to helping you and your team; we each bring our own unique strengths to create 1+1=3


Optimize Performance

We offer you a powerful combination of World-class business building expertise and organizational development training programs.

Elevate Productivity

Our Enter-train-ment™ activities, projects and business games convert stressed out employees into high performance teams of focused goal-getters.

Deliver Results

Through our retreats, ongoing workshops, executive coaching and customized training we deliver results that achieve organizational objectives.



Our formula improves communication, builds trust, and empowers individuals with a sense of purpose.



Powerful messages, humorous teachings, and entertaining parables will captivate your audiences.


Browse through our award-winning books, DVDs, and merchandise.

We are Experts at Creating ``People-Centered`` Change

Our powerful and easy to implement highly effective formula will Synergize your team virtually overnight. By implementing the 5 Essential Pieces, we shift mind sets, stimulate positive attitudes and break through fear. We show you and your team how to create zones of inspiration, trusting relationships and highly profitable work environments in any marketplace.


Our Professional Team will a deliver powerful messages, sparking “out-of-the-box” thinking!


Our training is centered around real world personal and professional experiences, that your team can relate to!


Education and Research is key to our success!


We bring you the latest state-of-the-art business development strategies creating new solutions to everyday problems.

Meet The Team

Chris Alexander
CEO, Founder, Author, Award Winning Business Building Strategist, Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker
Chris Alexander is the founder and president of Synergy Executive Education, a highly effective change management practice specializing in people-centered change. He is an award winning business building strategist, professional speaker, and author of 9 business and personal development books. So far, Alexander's largest audience has been his two PBS TV shows, titled “Creating Extraordinary Joy” and “Joy in the Workplace.” His Synergy programs have been implemented worldwide by many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. He has advanced degrees in Organizational Behavior and is an expert at building high-performance business teams focused on a shared destiny.
Mark Lindsey
Mark Lindsey graduated from Cal State University Long Beach with a BS in Industrial Technology and later obtained a MBA from West Coast University. He has been active within ASQ’s Orange Empire Section for 30+ years earning multiple certifications (i.e. CSSBB, CMQ/OE, CQE, CQA).
Ivan Alexander
Professionally Ivan has been a trainer in most of his positions. While serving in the United States Navy, Ivan was the training officer for their division of Aerographers Mates (Weather Forecasting Division). While at the Ritz-Carlton, Ivan was the departments Quality Leader – a program that trained new employees centered around company core values. During Ivan’s final year of Grad School and for one year after, he taught cultural strengths and community development.

Partial List of Clients

The foundation of synergy is relationship trust and the essence of synergy is the inspiring shared experience.